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Path-Away poultry disease control formula

Path-Away® is a scientifically blended formulation that has consistently proven effective in raising bigger, healthier poultry. It has proven to help reduce and/or eliminate the use of anti-biotics, control rampant poultry shed pathogens including fungi, bacteria and others. When used in a poultry application our scientifically formulated product has reduced ammonia levels significantly and extended the life of grain feedstocks by reducing beetle infestation.

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Path-Away® Benefits

  • EPA Exempt as per FIFRA 25(b)
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains FDA ingredients listed as GRAS
  • Certified Input for Organic
  • Certified Input for Non GMO
  • Efficacy against Fungi/Bacteria/Yeasts
Path-Away test results
path-away covid form path-away msds form

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