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Efficiently & Effectively Remove Dead Stock

Proper mortality disposal is essential to maintaining a healthy flock and staying clean and efficient. Innovative Poultry Products offers two highly effective solutions for your farm: The Omnivore and The Phoenix Sentry. Both methods increase your farm’s biosecurity, curb appeal, and lower its environmental impact.


  • The Omnivore uses a natural disposal process where dead stock combines with carbon and oxygen to create a compost-like material that you can put back into your land.
  • Various sizes available.
System Details

Phoenix Sentry

  • The Phoenix Sentry uses a high-tech sterilization process that shreds and dehydrates dead stock quickly, and therefore does not risk transmitting disease from mortalities to healthy chickens.
  • Various capacity options are available.
System Details

We advise that you double-check the laws and limitations in your area to make sure you are in compliance with local restrictions. It is possible to turn your mortality into a beneficial product for your farm!