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Premium Series

The Poultry Hawk® Premium trolley

  • Serves poultry farmers like a steady hired hand.
  • Powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery.
  • Commanded by remote, which includes speed control.
  • A robust machine that works hard and will be around for a long time.
  • User-friendly features and versatility.
  • Will soon win your heart to the point you will not want to 'walk the birds' without it.
  • Includes a growing number of accessories that are designed to make your job easier.

Premium Models

Premium Series E-Series
Motor 1/3 HP 1/4 HP
Gearbox Heavy Duty Cast Iron Aluminum
Command Key Fob: 750 Ft Range Key Fob: 750 Ft Range
Soft Start Yes Yes
Speed Control On Key Fob On Key Fob
Display Screen Yes No
Battery 12-Volt Deep Cycle 18-Volt or 20-Volt Drill Battery
Power Accessories Yes No
Foldability Uses Pop-Pins Uses D-Pins
Finish Powder-Coated Galvalume
Capacity 450 LBS. 450 LBS.
Basket Options Electronic Dump, Manual Dump, Fixed Basket, Egg Cart Manual Dump, Fixed Basket, Egg Cart
Basket Size 60 X 20 X 10 Inches 60 X 20 X 10 Inches
Unit Weight Approximately 200 Lbs. Approximately 100 Lbs.

Top of the line control panel

The control panel is the command center for our products. This tough, durable, water-resistant box contains the components that are key to our user-friendly, automated systems. Diagnosing and resolving potential problems is made easy by accessibility and by ease in changing parts.

Quality built; an investment that you can trust.

Quality is important to us. We seek to make our products worth your money; something you can feel confident in. Click on the photos below to get up close and personal with the Poultry Hawk® and see what makes it special.


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