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Innovative Poultry Products LLC exists to provide durable and useful tools that simplify the life of today's poultry farmers. It was during the daily activity of "walking the birds" that the Poultry Hawk® took wing. Innovative Poultry Products LLC was then established as the company to market the "Hawk". Located in sunny South Carolina and driven by southern hospitality, IPP seeks to provide poultry farmers with prompt and dependable service. This includes employing knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals who will make your connections with us a pleasant experience.

Our Story

Our Team

Manager Chad Brubaker and family

Chad Brubaker


Growing up as a dairy and grain farmer in South Carolina, Chad had many opportunities of working on equipment. This partnered well with his gifting of ideas and designs that make life easier on the farm. Little did he dream that one of his innovative ideas would become a solution for a frustrating problem that his farming colleagues face.

As a poultry farmer and tired of removing dead chickens from his two chicken houses with a 5-gallon bucket, Chad began to dream about and then develop a motorized cart designed to replace the buckets. He assembled a rugged frame with a battery powered motor drive and a remote control board. The moment arrived when he pressed the button on the remote and the Poultry Hawk® came to life. Suddenly he realized that he had a piece of equipment that many poultry farmers could benefit from. He began Innovative Poultry Products LLC to market the Poultry Hawk® and to be a venue for developing more products that make a poultry farmer smile.

Manufacturing coupled with Chad's other responsibilities of farmer, husband, father, and pastor keeps his life full and challenging. He loves to help people and wants to see Innovative Poultry Products LLC be a blessing to many.

Andrew Korver

Andy Korver

Sales Manager

Jason Johnson - Fabrication Supervisor & Lead Engineer

Jason Johnson

Fabrication Supervisor & Lead Engineer

Carmen Diem - Office Assistant

Carmen Diem

Office Assistant

Malik Joyner - Assembly Technician

Malik Joyner

Assembly Technician

Dennis Black - Fabrication Technician

Dennis Black

Fabrication Technician

Coleburn Bange - Fabrication Technician & Engineer

Colburn Bange

Fabrication Technician & Engineer

Benjamin Zook

Benjamin Zook

Audrey Diem

Audrey Diem

Matthew Bange

Matthew Bange

Mel Sweigart

Mel Sweigart

Gordon Amstutz

Gordon Amstutz

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