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Phoenix Sentry animal compster
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Phoenix Sentry Thermal Dehydrator

Animal mortalities are an unfortunate part of agriculture. After listening to the concerns of chicken growers, the Phoenix Sentry was designed as a better way to dispose carcasses. A way that is clean, efficient, and 100% bio-safe.

The Phoenix Sentry thermal disposal system uses a high-tech sterilization process to create organic powder from deadstock. Instead of incinerating carcasses, storing them in costly freezers, or composting, you can immediately dispose of deadstock in a unit that works so fast, you won’t risk transmitting disease from mortalities to healthy chickens. This protects the biosecurity of your operation, reducing the likelihood of a pathogen outbreak. It also keeps groundwater and soil safe from contamination and eliminates odor.

Easy To Use

Transfer mortalities to the unit set it and forget it – no supplemental ingredients are needed.

The Phoenix Sentry Difference

  • Increased Bio-Security
    The Phoenix Sentry bolsters bio-safety. Deadstock is quickly discarded, not frozen or left to decay. Pathogens are destroyed by advanced thermal sterilization technology, leaving you with a clean byproduct, ideal for use as a fertilizer.
  • Better for the Environment
    The Phoenix Sentry eliminates the potential of soil or water contamination that may occur with some methods of mortality disposal. Furthermore, there are no harmful emissions or smoke being released into the air, only water vapor.
  • Faster
    Hours, not weeks. That's all you need to turn one ton of deadstock into pathogen-free by-product. No more disease-carrying scavengers or breeding grounds for bacteria. The system lets you continue to dispose of mortalities year-round, regardless of the temperature.
  • Cost-Effective
    The Phoenix Sentry consumes minimal energy. Typical electricity consumption is around 110kW per 1000 lbs. of mortality.

Sizes Available

Phoenix Sentry 200
Phoenix Sentry 1300
Phoenix Sentry 2000
200 lb. capacity
1300 lb. capacity
2000 lb. capacity
50-amp Service
100-amp Service
160-amp/100-amp Service
220-volt – single phase
220-volt – single phase
220-volt – single phase or three phase

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