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Composting made Clean and Convenient

Dead stock is a normal part of an animal production enterprise. Composting can be used effectively for the day-to-day management of farm mortality. It is a natural process where micro-organisms break down organic materials. Given a correct recipe of dead stock (nitrogen), carbon, & oxygen, these micro-organisms efficiently decompose these organic materials into a product useful for your land.

The Omnivore Composter, an in-vessel, tubular composter, helps you manage your on-farm composting. It is designed to operate efficiently and consistently. The composter increases biosecurity, reduces odors and pathogens, and helps you maintain a clean and neighbor-friendly operation.

Not only is the Omnivore Composter a great aid to mortality management, but this composter also works great for small processing operations, culinary institutions, or municipal organic debris.



Examples: Dead Stock,
Meat Scraps, Food Scraps

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Carbon Source

Examples: Shavings, Straw

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Oxygen (introduced into the composter through air vents)

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Usable Fertilizer

Valuable product that
benefits your soil

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How It Works

Omnivore Composter Sizes and Features

● 2" Poly Urethane Insulated

● Stainless Steel clad

● First in, first out composting

● 110-volts drive unit

● Heavy duty construction

● Self-latching load door

Baby Bear

4' x 5'

Batch Composter

16" x 18" end door

55 lbs/day;

400 lbs/week

Polar & Solar Bear

40" x 18'

Continuous Composter

40" door

130 lbs/day;

910 lbs/week

20' Continuous Composter

4' x 20'

90" door

200 lbs/day;

1400 lbs/week

30' Continuous Composter

4' x 30'

90" door

350 lbs/day;

2450 lbs/week

40' Continuous Composter

4' x 40'

90" door

500 lbs/day;

3500 lbs/week

50' Continuous Composter

4' x 50'

90" door

750 lbs/day;

5250 lbs/week

Why choose the Omnivore Composter?

  • No dead stock is accessible for scavengers that could transmit disease to your livestock.
  • Cost of electricity to run the Omnivore Composter is comparable to running freezers for dead stock.
  • The continuous Omnivore Composter comes equipped with a variable frequency drive that ensures a slow start up (soft-start), to eliminate excessive wear of drive parts.
  • Variable speed motor for ideal manageable composting process.
  • Weight of composting drum is 100% supported by support rollers.
  • Back door that works as slide while discharging.
  • The Poly Urethane Insulated drum ensures that weather has a minimal effect on the composting process and that the heat generated stays in the omnivore composter making sure that the composting process is successful.
  • Omnivore composting is easy to control and adjust, resulting in faster and more consistent end product.

Omnivore Support

If you need assistance, please contact your dealer or give us a call at (803) 571-3345.

Improve Bio-Security

Composting improves the bio-security of your farm operation! It's an easy and efficient way to dispose of your dead stock and get a nutrient rich compost in return.

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