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Poultry farmers are busy. Birds, equipment, and supplies need to be tended to daily. Everyday chores plus the unexpected surprises push farmers to seek creative, easy ways to get it all done. As poultry farmers who produce poultry products, Innovative Poultry Products LLC exists to put smiles on the faces of today’s poultry farmers. We specialize in creating equipment that helps you labor less.

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At Innovative Poultry Products, all of our manufacturing is done in South Carolina so that we can give you locally manufactured and high-quality products.

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Innovative Poultry
Products LLC

Innovative Poultry Products LLC exists to provide durable and useful tools that simplify the lives of today's poultry farmers. It was during the daily activity of "walking the birds" that the Poultry Hawk® took wing. Innovative Poultry Products LLC was then established as the company to market the "Hawk."

Located in sunny South Carolina and driven by southern hospitality, IPP seeks to provide poultry farmers with prompt and dependable service. This includes employing knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals who will make your connections with us a pleasant experience.

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Kim Hawk

"We installed the Poultry Hawk in 1 of our 3 broiler houses to try it before we made the investment for all 3. After 1 flock I was sold and added it to the other houses. I use the Hawk everyday so the birds were comfortable with it, but the value the last 3 weeks of the flock is priceless."

Donnie Hudson

"First piece of equipment that we purchased which did exactly what we expected it to do. I would not want to go back to the old way of doing. I am sure that if I got rid of the Poultry Hawk, my family would shoot me."

Alex Heatwole

"After installing a 'Poultry Hawk' in one of our three chicken houses, and seeing the time and energy savings it brought, there was no question whether or not to install 'Poultry Hawks' in the other two houses. We cannot imagine farming without them."

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