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The "Poultry Hawk" Solution

If you have ever picked up dead birds in a poultry house you’ve probably thought, “There has to be a better way.” We believe we have found the solution you are looking for. The user-friendly “Poultry Hawk” not only eliminates the tiresome chore of lugging five gallon buckets filled with dead birds; its hands-free operation also allows for better culling. The “Poultry Hawk” is a Trolley that runs on a track system mounted to the ceiling of your poultry house. The well-built “Hawk,” with its versatility and automation, works hard to make your work easier. So the next time you think, “There has to be a better way,” remember the “Poultry Hawk!” It is proving itself to be a better way.

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what our clients say

Let me just start by saying that this is the best piece of equipment that I have purchased for this farm. I have six 50 x 500' poultry houses that I installed the loop system in. Since installing my Poultry hawks it has saved me much time, energy, and effort. I would certainly hate to have to go back to the old way.

Andy Saxon, GA

We installed the Poultry Hawk in 1 of our 3 broiler houses to try it before we made the investment for all 3.  After 1 flock I was sold and added it to the other houses.  I use the Hawk everyday so the birds were comfortable with it, but the value the last 3 weeks of the flock is priceless.  It saves so much time and labor involved in handling large birds and greatly reduces the physical strain on my body.  I highly recommend this valuable piece of equipment for any broiler operation.

Kim Hawk, OH

Since installing our Poultry Hawk in two different aged poultry houses (1984 and 2010), it has made our job much easier. A must for people of any age, it gives you a break from lots of carrying. A user-friendly machine, the Hawk is easy to take off the track if needed. I highly recommend it to all types of poultry growers. Check it out!

Gary & Janet Wood, VA

If your farm is a family operation like mine, then the ‘ Hawk’ is just what you need. The sizes of chickens we grow keep getting bigger, and my kids all have jobs, so it is just my wife and me taking care of the chickens. With the ‘ Hawk’ , picking up dead birds is like a walk in the park compared to carrying buckets. Your hands are free so you can cull and adjust lines as you go along. I am sure you will never regret investing in the ‘ Hawk’ . Its design is very well thought out and it installs without a problem. I have ordered 2 more ‘ Hawks’ and can’ t wait until they are in.

Willis Miller, DE

After installing a ‘Poultry Hawk’ in one of our three chicken houses, and seeing the time and energy savings it brought, there was no question whether or not to install ‘Poultry Hawks’ in the other two houses. We cannot imagine farming without them.

Alex Heatwole, VA