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Poultry farmers know that they are busy. Birds, equipment, and supplies need to be tended to daily. Everyday chores plus the unexpected surprises push farmers to seek creative, easier ways to get it all done. As poultry farmers producing poultry products, Innovative Poultry Products LLC exists to put smiles on the faces of today’s poultry farmer. We specialize in creating equipment that helps you labor less.

NEW! Phoenix Sentry

Our newest product is a thermal disposal system that uses a high-tech sterilization process to transform dead stock from waste to an organic powder that can be used as fertilizer. The Phoenix Sentry is bio-secure and one of the fastest mortality disposal methods available, making it a catalyst for improving overall efficiency.

poultry trolley system

POULTRY HAWK® Built by poultry farmers for poultry farmers.®

If you have ever picked up dead birds in a poultry house, you have probably thought, “There has to be a better way.” It is here! The Poultry Hawk® is a better way. The user-friendly Poultry Hawk® significantly eases the tiresome chore of lugging five-gallon buckets full of dead birds, saving you time and energy. The Poultry Hawk® is a trolley that runs on a rail system which is mounted to the ceiling of your poultry house.

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The Talon® is a user-friendly and effective way to euthanize chickens using CO2. With the Talon®, you not only have an easy way to euthanize, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that you are using an approved method of animal welfare.

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Talon euthanizing
Omnivore Composting


Omnivore Composting is a natural process that uses bacteria to break down organic waste such as animal mortalities. It is rapidly becoming the preferred method of dead stock disposal. The Omnivore composter can be used for the day to day management of farm mortalities.

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Path-Away® is a scientifically blended formulation that has consistently proven effective in raising bigger, healthier poultry. It has proven to help reduce and/or eliminate the use of antibiotics, control rampant poultry shed pathogens including fungi, bacteria and others.

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Simplifying the life of today's poultry farmers.

Innovative Poultry Products LLC

Innovative Poultry Products LLC exists to provide durable and useful tools that simplify the life of today's poultry farmers. It was during the daily activity of "walking the birds" that the Poultry Hawk® took wing. Innovative Poultry Products LLC was then established as the company to market the "Hawk".

Located in sunny South Carolina and driven by southern hospitality, IPP seeks to provide poultry farmers with prompt and dependable service. This includes employing knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals who will make your connections with us a pleasant experience.

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