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Poultry Trolleys

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The "Poultry Hawk" Solution

The user-friendly “Poultry Hawk” not only eliminates the tiresome chore of lugging five-gallon buckets filled with dead birds; its hands-free operation enables better management of your poultry house. The well-designed and strong “Poultry Hawk” operates on a track system mounted to the ceiling of your poultry house. Its versatility and automation work hard to make your job easier.

Benefits of a Metal Rail

• Strong: span up to 10’ spacing
• Simple: Quick and easy installation
• Durable: Galvanized rail with powder coated components
• Innovative: Modular design

The Poultry Hawk

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what our clients say

We are raising 6.5 to 7 lb. chickens in 600-foot houses.  My wife is a tall, skinny 120 lbs.  The Poultry Hawk made Our  life much easier, after installing 2 houses. Every day after, all I heard was," I wish we had Hawks in the rest of the houses."  Shortly after we installed them in every house on our ranch (Happy wife happy life). The hawks are reliable, well designed and make life much easier for our family.

Mike Neilson, WA

Let me just start by saying that this is the best piece of equipment that I have purchased for this farm. I have six 50 x 500' poultry houses that I installed the loop system in. Since installing my Poultry hawks it has saved me much time, energy, and effort. I would certainly hate to have to go back to the old way.

Andy Saxon, GA

Since installing our Poultry Hawk in two different aged poultry houses (1984 and 2010), it has made our job much easier. A must for people of any age, it gives you a break from lots of carrying. A user-friendly machine, the Hawk is easy to take off the track if needed. I highly recommend it to all types of poultry growers. Check it out!

Gary & Janet Wood, VA